Losing Weight

The wife told the husband, in resentful words, “You gained weight.”
He asked, “What do you mean?”
“You are fat!” She impatiently answered.
“What do you suggest?”
“Lose weight, duh!” she said.
She replied, “eat half of what you eat daily!”
So He did.

A few months passed by…
He lost weight, but something unexpected happened.
The wife gained a lot of weight!
He told her with a lot of hesitation, “Honey, you gained weight.”
She said, “What do you mean?!”
“You are fat,” he replied.
She said, “it is not nice to talk to a lady like that.”
“I am sorry, honey, but I have a suggestion.”
“Tell me…”
He said, “you should eat half of what you eat daily. So both of us eat what one of us used to eat. In that way, I will maintain my weight, you will lose weight, and we both save money.”
She agreed.

A few months passed by…
The husband and wife were both now in good shape.
They were also able to add two new animals to the farm with all the money they saved.

Their neighbor noticed and asked the husband how they managed to do all that.
So the husband told his neighbor the story.
The neighbor was excited and rushed home to tell his wife about what he had heard.

His wife was not as excited about the idea.
“This is not going to work for us,” the wife said. “We are both already so thin,” she added. “We are already on a diet, but not by choice! If we lose more weight, we will struggle even more to keep the farm afloat!”

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